We held a workshop to investigate the possible regeneration of three neighbourhoods in Atlanta; Atlanta University Centre, Vine City and English Avenue. Vine City and English avenue have suffered the consequences of lack of investment, which has let to vacant land and abandoned buildings in various conditions, some of which have historic importance. Suburban migration has drained resources from the area and poverty has led to increased crime rates. The collapse of the housing and financial markets has continued to stunt community prosperity and growth.

Our Project

Several actions were identified during the workshop, which will form the basis of the Enquiry by Design (EbD) collaboration. We plan on identifying a central hub to revitalise the area, to establish an elementary school, produce an architectural and urban code, develop affordable home ownership mechanisms and create health and community centres.

Key info

This project is

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Atlanta Georgia
United States


  • Community Facilities
  • Economic Development
  • Education
  • Historic Preservation

Project partners

  • ATL West
  • Atlanta University Centre
  • Residents of English Avenue and Vine City