Policy & Research

We are passionate about pursuing knowledge, solutions, and best practices in building communities. As part of our mission we aim to bring together the right people, to create long-term practical solutions.

Our research is often done in partnership with other organisations and our professional members to help share the learning into wider audiences. The outcomes of our research are implemented across the world, from Glasgow to the Galapagos. The use of our research findings shows not only the ubiquitous relevance of well-integrated community-centred development, but also the enormously positive impact we are having around the globe.  

The Research Committee 

Our Research Committee is responsible for advising us on the production of its own research as well as advocating others to produce quality and topical research that engages communities and supports its mission to transform lives through making great places. To see a full list of Research Committee members click here

Current Research 

We are working with Northampton University in the Upton community to review the impact of the Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS, pictured above) and provide further opportunities to educate and engage local residents about their unique development.  Through resident and biodiversity surveys, performance testing of the SuDS, local primary school engagement and a fun educational community fair, this project is designed to assess outcomes, share knowledge and create real impact for the Upton community.

Previous Research

To see any of our previous research publications (including research released prior to our 2012 rebrand) use the links on the top right-hand side of the page.