Delivering teams, frameworks and design visions to build timeless places

Architecture, Urbanism and Design Workshops

Our roots are in architecture. It's what we love and enjoy. Our architects have many years of experience and can deliver projects from RIBA stages 1 to 3.
We identify local character and needs to develop sustainable plans that create beautiful places.
We have decades of experience working with communities and facilitating their engagement with built projects.

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In early 2009 we were approached by Swansea University and BP and asked to work alongside architects Porphyrios Associates to carry out design...

In 2008, we partnered with the Prince’s Regeneration Trust to carry out an Enquiry by Design collaborative workshop.

In 2007 we held a series of Enquiry by Design workshops in Burnley. The goal was to get the charities working on issues affecting people and place....

The Foundation works internationally to transform lives. Building on previous work in Rose Town, this project aims to bring about social cohesion...

The garden party had 137 exhibitors and was attended by over 30,000 members of the public. We had two displays; one giving information on the charity...