Prince's eco-home returns to Ideal Home Show 2012

Following the success of last year’s exhibition, visitors at this year’s Ideal Home Show will once again be able to admire a Prince’s Natural House. Seeking to highlight the benefits of sustainable, eco-friendly living, this year’s Arts and Crafts House combines wonderful craftsmanship with the use of the finest local materials. The house, which takes its name after the 19th century Arts and Crafts Movement, was designed by a team which included HRH The Prince of Wales, and incorporates energy saving features directly into its design. Highly insulated walls, roofs and floors keep in the heat, apart from on the coldest days when one high-performance wood burning stove heats the entire house. In the summer its natural materials allow the house to breath- keeping it cool and comfortable inside. 

Hank Dittmar, CEO of The Prince’s Foundation says: “The Arts and Crafts designers were dismayed by the machine made, low quality manufacture that was taking hold in the Victorian period and stood up instead for craftsmanship and quality materials. Today we believe that sustainability comes from re-discovering local materials and craftsmanship and creating beautiful, well-built homes with real character that will hold their value and continue to be useful and adaptable long into the future.”

Last year the Prince’s Foundation built its first ‘royal’ house at the Ideal Home Show since 1935. It received significant critical acclaim and 250, 000 people went through its doors. During the show the Prince of Wales received a guided tour by Prince’s Foundation Ambassador Kirstie Allsopp, providing a highlight for many visitors at the show. This year’s creation of the Arts and Crafts variant shows how adaptable this eco-home is – easily transforming its character to suit the building traditions of the area in which it is to be built. It also allows the charity to build on the unprecedented popularity of the houses’ upcycled style of interior design created by Christina Moore who will again put on her overalls for the Arts and Crafts House.

The appearance of the Arts and Crafts house in the 2012 Ideal Home Show is part of a five-year collaboration to help empower, educate and engage on issues of sustainable design. To see what the house looked like in 2011 have a look a the gallery below.