On Tuesday 12 July The Prince’s Foundation for Building Community were delighted to attend the Commonwealth Local Government Forum’s Annual Reception and the second Commonwealth Sustainable Cities Network, as well as speaking during the CSCN’s conference on Making Cities Fit for the Future.

The Prince’s Foundation has operated in multiple countries across the globe for several years, engaging communities on sustainable development projects.

By 2050 the world’s urban population will almost double to nearly 6.5 billion people. Our mission is to draw on tradition to create places that not only meet this rising demand for homes, but do so in a way that fosters a sense of community and improves people’s lives.

To achieve this, The Princes Foundation believes that the lessons of past concerning place making must be both remembered and learnt from. However in itself these lessons are not enough, they must be combined with an understanding of the needs and aspirations of the people that live and work at the heart of these places.

The reception and conference were wonderful oppportunites to meet with Local Governemnt representatives across the Commonwealth and discuss ways of making urban growth sustainable for the future.

HRH at Commonwealth Sustainable Cities Network Conference

Our President, HRH The Prince of Wales, spoke at the Reception:

"Now, I believe it is possible to identify a set of simple, plain-speaking guiding principles that can inform rapid, practical action.  Our planning approaches must create spatial frameworks to define legible boundaries for mixed-use and mixed-income, walkable neighbourhoods that avoid the need for car travel, if at all possible.  By defining and protecting key public spaces, the worlds of everyday living, working, education and leisure are combined and given their appropriate location at the centre of our communities.  Above all, if I may say so, we must find a place for Nature even in the heart of our cities, preserving green space and public domains for efficient water management and ensuring synergy between urban and rural functions; and, crucially, we need to create the necessary density, embracing compact, middle-rise development rather than energy-hungry skyscrapers that have completely lost any sense of human scale and risk disconnecting people from their communities and nearby public spaces."

Read HRH The Prince of Wales’ full speech here.