New campaign launched - We back beauty: Do you?

Today marks the launch of the Backing Beauty Commission by BIMBY partners ResPublica.

Senior Director at the Prince's Foundation, Ben Bolgar comments:

"We fully support their call for people to back beauty. Respublica’s call to arms for the democratisation of beauty strikes a chord with The Prince’s Foundation for Building Community. Perhaps that is not immediately obvious from our name, but The Prince’s Foundation’s mission is to transform lives by building beautiful places.

We believe there is a fundamental link between human happiness, health and the quality and beauty of the environment. Unattractive environments can have a negative impact on the feelings and outlook of those who experience them, whereas beautiful environments can lift the spirits and develop a sense of pride in those who use or live in them.




We have three strands of work – we educate and train people in skills that are crucial to creating beautiful places to live; we pioneer best practice and thinking that helps further the ideals we believe in and we work to produce examples of this best practice in real, live, places where people can make their homes. 

You can read more of Ben's blog on Beauty over at the Backing Beauty Commission's website.

Respublica have been staunch supporters of the Prince's Foundation's drive to put beauty in the hands of local communities through our online toolkit 'Beauty In My Back Yard' found at Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.

As Duncan Sim, Senior Policy and Projects Officer at Respublica said when we launched BIMBY:

"The ambition behind BIMBY makes it an extremely exciting projec. ResPublica believes strongly that beauty should be made available to all - it is a concept which, although difficult to pin down, is something we all seek out. The experience of beauty in our built environment can also profoundly affect the quality of our communities and our individual wellbeing. ResPublica's research has found however that access to beauty is restricted on the basis of income, with those earning £45,000 or more most likely to say the place in which they live is beautiful. The idea of putting beauty into every backyard is therefore one which we wholeheartedly endorse".