Reconstruction plan for Port Au Prince supported by Haitian President

The Haitian Head of State, President Martelly, has today offered his support for our Masterplan for the reconstruction of Port Au Prince. We were invited to Haiti after the devastating earthquake in January 2010 in an effort to find a community focused plan for reconstruction.

We were commissioned by the Haitian government to redesign 50 blocks at the centre of Port Au Prince, an area encompassing government buildings, the cruise ship terminal and waterfront and the palace along with business and residential areas. A team arrived in Haiti in early 2011 and  through the Enquiry by Design process sought to produce a blue print for sustainable urban development, not only to help rebuild Port Au Prince’s community but to help address some of the social issues in the aftermath of the earthquake.

Haitian President Martelly said: The Prince’s Foundation offers me the opportunity to fix my position on the issue of the reconstruction, it's an opportunity to make a break, both symbolic and tangible, with the policy pursued until today. It is necessary to definitively leave the logic of the urgency and turn the country into the future, towards the reconstruction”

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