Join our Graduate Fellowship, become part of a legacy (video)

We are now accepting applications for the two-year Graduate Fellowship, starting in July 2013.  The practice-based course carries an MA in Sustainable Urbanism, in partnership with the University of Wales, and brings together students from all over the world, with an array of different experiences and backgrounds.  

Our President, HRH The Prince of Wales, has long been calling for a new approach in how we plan and build our buildings and communities. As The Prince of Wales describes in great detail in his book Harmony, decades of car-based development, industrial food production, and deforestation have led us, and our planet, to a tipping point.  Attempting to apply 20th century solutions to these complex yet simple, global yet local, issues is not the way forward.  He believes that we need to find an approach that marries the best practices of tradition with contemporary solutions and advances. Our Graduate Fellowship is all about exploring that concept, and giving students a chance to be part of creating a solution.    

We established the programme five years ago to disseminate an integrated, collaborative approach based on our principles of sustainable urbanism. These principles include the importance of community, walkability, mixed-use, place-making, and social cohesion in new and existing communities.  To bring back, enhance, and create this sustainable urbanism, a new set of industry professionals is needed.  An architect who knows how to compose great streets; a planner who understands the history and the building tradition of a community; a transport engineer who knows about place-making.  All of these are examples of ‘generalist-specialists’ who are equipped to lead us into a more durable, resilient future. 

We believe that the best way of learning is by putting theory to practice, and we give our Graduate Fellows the chance to get extensive practical experience on projects across the world.  Students get to:

  • Participate in community workshops on design, regeneration or masterplanning in the UK and perhaps in other parts of the world.
  • Attend weekly masterclasses from world experts in urban transport, traditional English settlements, regeneration, and international development, among others.
  • Go on walking tours on informal and formal urban patterns in London, Edinburgh, Bath, and Glasgow.
  • Do research projects, e.g. on traditional built settlements in large national parks, national planning law changes, or local food economies.

We are extremely proud of our alumni from the Graduate Fellowship who have gone to apply the principles they learnt with us in their careers as the next generation of industry leaders. 

In Colombia, former Graduate Fellow and architect Laura Pinzon is teaching urban analysis and mapping at Universitad del Rosario.  In Haiti, planner Frederique Siegel manages aspects of Architecture for Humanity’s work in land tenure, economic development, and community engagement.  And in the UK, Bethania Soriano serves as a strategic advisor to leading development consultant Turnberry. 

These Graduate Fellow alumni have joined hundreds of other Prince’s Foundation alumni across the globe who have been instilled by our ethos and been inspired by The Prince of Wales’s goal to change mainstream thinking about our future. 

We invite you to join in this legacy and apply for the Graduate Fellowship.