Continuing to engage communities around the country thanks to DCLG

Together with the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) we have been working tirelessly throughout the country to engage and empower local residents and stakeholders.

Through a grant given to use by the DCLG in the Spring of 2011, we have been able to set up almost 60 different meetings with communities all across the country, free of charge. This has allowed more than 1500 people involved to have their say and influence the planning decision making process in their area, empowering them to influence real change and get across the needs and aspirations of the local community in the design process.

We have worked in many diverse places from West Winch, where we worked closely with local residents to explore how we could accommodate the rapidly expanding village, to Ivybridge, where our work with local GPs and residents helped locate potential locations for a new surgery.

Most recently we have been working with the local residents of South Fulham, enabling them to have their say in the ways in which the local riverside might be developed.

Our team of experts will also be going to Grove Park, Lewisham, later this week. Here they will be working with local community groups to determine what they think needs to be changed to improve the area around the Grove Park Station. 

The work in Grove Park will be done in two sessions, with the first focussing on what residents feel needs to be improved. During the second open session these ideas will be discussed and further developed into ideas and plans for the area.

Through all our efforts we have tried to bring together designers, builders, local authorities, community groups and governments to create, support and evolve sustainable communities. 

The Enquiry by Design (EbD) workshops we have conducted all across the country have helped to bring people together, allowing us to listen to local voices and engaging with them to ensure that we get real, practical results.

For more information on how to apply visit our link on Supporting Communities and Neighbourhoods.