Masterclass session delivered by Nicholas Falk


We were very pleased to have Nicholas Falk conduct our Masterclass today for all our graduate fellows in our Shoreditch headquarters. 

Nicholas is a renowned economist, strategic planner and urbanist, with a wealth of experience in the field. In 1979 Nicholas set up the Urban and Economic Development Group to offer practical solutions to urban regeneration and local development projects, and over the last five years he has advised people on the state of town centres, new communities and reusing old buildings. 

Having worked with local authorities all across the country, and with a range of community groups including English Heritage, Nicholas has plenty of information to share with our students on both development and consultation. 

Our weekly masterclasses give our students the ability to learn from, and engage with, experts from all around the world. For more information on our Building Skill programmes, or if you want to find out how to apply for one of our degrees, have a look at our Educate page!