The Prince of Wales

Throughout his life, HRH The Prince of Wales has worked passionately to promote and protect much of what is good about Britain and its people, often becoming personally involved in issues as a catalyst for change, as a voice to initiate debate or champion overlooked issues. The Prince’s desire to protect and sustain the natural environment is matched by his interest in the built environment and how it affects the quality of people’s lives. As President, The Prince does not have any direct involvement in the governance of the Foundation but rather offers vision and encouragement.
In creating his Foundation, The Prince has created a forum within which the design and build of homes, workplaces and communities can be raised to levels of excellence in terms of sustainability and local environmental factors and economies. The Foundation also seeks to put people at the centre of the design process. It teaches - by demonstration and through strategic partnerships - that the timeless principles of traditional urban design are key to creating healthy and prosperous communities in a way compatible with people's needs and aspirations for their homes, streets and neighbourhoods.
It is an organisation which not only tries to teach the developers, architects and engineers of today how important these ideas are but also engages with the young professionals who will make up the next generation of developers, architects and engineers.


Ultimately, The Prince believes more should be done to create urban areas that encourage a sense of community and pride of place, and which foster the well-being of those who live there and alleviate social problems.

“…through that way, I do believe we have a better chance of first of all not wrecking this small island for the future and for your grandchildren and mine and great grandchildren.  We can enhance it and leave it behind in a way that does reflect where we come from but also where we’re going because the two are interlinked.  We can’t have a future without the past.  There has to be a sense of timelessness, a living tradition that helps to maintain that sense of identity and belonging.  The same is true all around the rest of the world, where I hope The Foundation can be of increasing assistance.”
HRH The Prince of Wales, February 2011

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